Woman of La Luna Studio holds a space for mujeres in search of change & self-growth. We aspire to inspire and exalt Her. Our motto “In Lak Ech” or “Tu Otro Yo” (your other me), reminds us that what we see and admire in the other person reflects a piece of who we are within.

All our events provide the opportunity to give and receive genuine empowerment & friendships. Whether you attend our workshops, book clubs, tea parties, arts & crafts classes or retreats, you’ll leave feeling connected - mind, body & spirit (and we new friendships!).

Como mujeres, tenemos que unirons, apoyarnos y empoderarnos genuinamente.

Sangramos, damos vida, damos leche y amor. Tu espiritu esta con migo…Soy fuerte mujer.

- Mujeres Con Palabra