Photography provided by Calvert David Miles

This woman that I’m becoming gives me chills. I’m obligated to move differently. I have work to do.

- anonymous

My Change

Mi Vida. My journey.

Karen Mendoza was born in Pachuca Hidalgo, Mexico. As a former DREAMER, she knew the importance of not forgetting her roots & making the most out of the opportunity her parents gave her by bringing her to the US at the age of 5. It’s important to her to help other Mujeres connect with their roots & their ancestors in order to heal & find inner peace.

Karen is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She’s hosted many different women events for the past 5 years including retreats, book clubs, hikes, tea parties, workshops for personal growth & goal-setting, and do-it-yourself craft events. She loves to hold the space for women to come together & explore their creativity. Karen calls on her ancestral wisdom, knowledge & intuition to guide her through any of her events. She constantly works on channeling her grandmothers’ & great-grandmothers’ love, humility & wisdom.

Karen is also a Behavior Analyst and obtained her Masters degree in 2010 at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Downtown LA. She’s been working with children & young adults diagnosed with Autism & other disabilities for over 10 years. She enjoys training parents, teachers & her staff so that they have a better understanding of Applied Behavior Analysis.